Technical supervision

Technical supervision

We provide comprehensive activities in the performance of technical supervision for the investor / construction supervision for all areas of engineering, industrial and building construction. These activities are carried out by specialists in the fields of transport construction, civil engineering, geotechnics, engineering geology, bridge construction, heavy current and low current, quality control of buildings, pipelines and ecology. It is a matter of course that construction management is carried out according to the contractual conditions of the Federation Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) - FIDIC.


Our specialists have many years of experience in the performance of technical supervision and have the necessary authorizations and certifications, in particular ČKAIT authorizations, "Authorization for the performance of construction supervision of roads" from the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, or authorized by the Enviromental miinistry for geological works.

Engineering activities, including property preparation

We provide control and coordination activities aimed at ensuring effective work of individual specialists providing engineering activities for building permits, including or without property law preparation. Coordination of engineering activities is carried out by a coordinator who is directly involved in the most complex tasks in securing zoning decisions or final building permits, including or without property rights preparation for road construction.

In particular, the Engineering Coordinator (i) manages the performance of engineering activities for building permits, including or without property rights preparation of the construction, (ii) establishes conceptual basis for solving problems and removing obstacles, especially in the property rights area, (iii) negotiates with the client as the exclusive representative of the contractor (i.e. also on behalf of the contractors' association) in matters relating to the performance of the engineering activities of the construction (set of constructions), (iv) performs a coordinating and management function towards subordinate teams of engineering specialists and relevant departments of contractors/subcontractors, and (v) convenes, manages and conducts regular coordination meetings throughout the duration of the activities, including taking minutes of such meetings.

We provide complex engineering activities for building permits, we ensure acquaintance of all land owners with the intention to carry out construction, we provide extracts from the relevant cadastres of real estate, expert opinions, draft contracts, their negotiation and approval with the client, negotiations with owners, negotiations with cadastral authorities, registration of geometric plans in the cadastre of real estate, submission of proposals for entry, preparation of draft contracts for the establishment of easements.


Technical supervision - Civil Engineering - Ing. Jaromír Havlík | + 420 724 039 707, h[obfuscate_1_|91|113|104|96|99|63|115|91|97|95|111|117|103|106|110|46|93|117]
Technical supervision - Water Management Construction - Slavomír Šiška | + 420 603 532 007, [obfuscate_1_|109|100|111|98|89|63|115|91|97|95|111|117|103|106|110|46|93|117]
Technical supervision - Transport Construction - Ing. Miroslav Mudrák | +420 724 208 461, [obfuscate_1_|103|112|96|105|89|106|64|109|92|96|96|112|112|104|113|111|40|94|116]
Technical supervision - Railway Construction - Milan Nejez | +420 731 362 734, [obfuscate_1_|104|96|102|92|114|63|115|91|97|95|111|117|103|106|110|46|93|117]

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