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SAFETY PRO s.r.o. was established in January 8, 2009 by registration in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava as a company focusing mainly on the field of occupational health and safety, fire protection and technical supervision of buildings. Gradual development and growth of the company over the years added to these activities. Currently, our main activities include technical supervision of the builder, HSE, fire protection, geotechnics and geology and design activities. We also hold a business licence for handling classified information issued by the National Security Authority.

Life and health is the most important and irreplaceable for every individual, therefore all measures must be taken to prevent loss of life or harm to health. An integral part of our work is the supervision and quality monitoring during the preparation and execution of your construction projects.

Every investor, employer and employee must be aware of these basic responsibilities. For this reason, our company offers comprehensive services to ensure that you meet the often demanding legislative requirements.
The founders of the company and our specialists have been active in these fields for many years and are among the recognized experts.

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